Friday, September 29, 2017

Blanks Level of Questioning

Toby is currently reading at Magenta (2) however he has the sight word knowledge to be able to read at a much higher level but he does not yet have the skills to be able to answer questions related to the story. Comprehension for children with disabilities can be very challenging as many of the questions can be abstract.
My students SLT (speech language therapist) suggested that we start getting Toby to respond to simple instructions through varying levels of questioning. She gave me some resources to use in class based on "Marion Blanks Level of Questioning". As i became familiar with her activities that she made i started to make my own that linked with his weekly reader. Below is a video of Toby using the resources i have made. He completes these activities 4x a week and also takes them home. I have written instructions so everyone involved knows how to use them.

For more information see the website below:

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