Thursday, May 18, 2017

Word Wall - is it worth it?

I first set up my word wall last year, however my students were not able to attend for long enough periods to make it worthwhile.
This year however my word wall is going strong and i can vouch for its success with the noticeable changes in my students sight word recognition. I am now a converted word wall advocate.
Dr Sally Clendon uses a word wall to "teach words that you don't want students to have to work to decode or spell." Sally recommends adding 5 new words a week however in my classroom i add 2 new words a week. Sally Recommends cutting around the shape of the word and having a different colored background on each word.
Above slide is an exert from Dr Sally Clendon's workshop notes. 

We play a different word wall game each day and each student focuses on different skills within our session. My students love our word wall so much they like to play our games as a reward for completing work!


  1. Your students are very engaged with your word wall. I think one of the reasons it has been so successful is you make it lots of fun and very interactive. This has helped keep your boys engaged and motivated.

  2. It is incredible to see how much fun your boys are having during learning their HFW. Well done