Saturday, October 7, 2017

Term 3 Reflection

This term my class have been settled and calm. The current behavior strategies are working and my students are thriving. I have seen growth across all curriculum areas but especially reading. We read 1:1 four afternoons a week; all of my students know the routine therefore reading in my classroom is generally the calmest part of the day. This goes to prove that there is a significant link between managing self and accelerated shift in reading.
Next term i wanted to have a class focus on another key competency which is part of my inquiry. My students struggle with the key competency "relating to others".

The reason i have not addressed this particular key competency is because i wanted the students to be able to manage themselves before focusing on social skills.
In the last year my classroom have integrated into the mainstream playground during playtime. This is a very challenging part of our day as the students can be unpredictable in social situations as they navigate how to interact with their peers. Next term I will be implementing strategies to help my students understand social interactions to be able to build relationships.

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