Sunday, February 4, 2018

New Year - New Class - New Challenges

2018 is going to be a big year...
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I have been given the opportunity to move to our base school to set up a new entrant class. I am excited for the challenge that this will bring; not knowing what skills my learners will come to school with but also being given the chance to provide them with the skills they need to become enthusiastic, motivated and independent young people.

My inquiry this year will remain the same as last years, "will increasing managing self skills improve their reading?"

My blog however will look quite different. Why? My students last year came to my class with existing reading skills that we built upon.
This year I will have to work on building foundation reading skills that all pre-readers need before they are ready to read.
My students will need to learn how to attend to a task, sit for longer periods of time, focus on a activity and engage before they start reading. Many mainstream new entrant classes focus on "reading readiness" which will be a huge focus on my blog this year.
I am looking forward to seeing if i have the same positive results that I had in my inquiry last year.

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  1. Exciting times ahead. It will be an interesting journey watching your new students develop their skills.