Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Teaching Comprehension

Teaching comprehension is a challenging task, especially if the student has special needs or communication difficulties. Comprehension is one of the main reasons why my students are unable to move up to higher reading levels. As the books get harder, they find it more challenging to recall information or follow the main story line. Sometimes my students do not have the vocabulary to be able to answer questions about the book however it doesn't mean that they don't understand the text they have read. 
I have started using multi choice question activities and true/false activities when working with James who has recently moved from Magenta to Red books which have much more content. 
Below are some examples of activities i have made to go with each reader to increase his comprehension skills. 



  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, the ideas you have been sharing are fantastic. Good luck with your inquiry!

  2. Thank you Stella, I really appreciate the support

  3. I have used your comprehension resources in my class with our students. They are fantastic . Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Lauren, you are doing amazing work with your students, well done.