Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Inflectional Endings..

James is currently reading at level 5. Now that the books are becoming more challenging he is noticing the difference in word endings. Sometimes he will read the base word only and skip the ending. I have started to add some inflectional ending activities to teach him the different variations in a word. This was the first session i did with him and i haven't yet touched on past or present tense.

First i pointed out words in his reader and asked him to repeat them, then i asked him to say the sound at the end of the word. We started with the word "looks" which he read correctly after being prompted to pronounce the sound at the end. I asked him to find a word that looks the same on our word wall, he found the word "look". 
Some of the words in his activity are in his reader and some are additional words added to the activity. I was so impressed at how fast he picked it up. 

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