Sunday, September 10, 2017

Making Words - Update

This week i started Evan on a programme called "Making Words" (see previous post). Evan was able to spell most of the 3 letter words but once the words started to increase in size he needed help. I gave him 'hints' to guide him but never gave him the answer. He enjoyed finding rhyming words and commented on how many words he could make with only 5 letters!
I thought that he may get upset once he couldn't spell a word on his own as this is what generally happens during writing tasks but because the programme is very specific he felt confident that he would be able to complete the task. 
Each lesson has a 'secret' word using all of the letters provided. Throughout the activity he was excited to find out what the secret word was. He was so motivated that he asked me what secret word he is going to spell next week. I love his enthusiasm for learning. 

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