Monday, May 1, 2017

Why a reading inquiry?

I have been in special education for 6 years, 4 of which were in a PMLD (profound and multiple disabilities) classroom. I moved to Sommerville Special School with the hope of a new challenge and that is exactly what i have in my current classroom. I have a class of five energetic boys with Autism aged 7-10 years old. I have spent a year implementing routines and research based strategy in my class to achieve a environment where my boys have thrived.

At Sommerville we have been fortunate enough to have Dr Sally Clendon take professional development over the last few years. As a result of Sally Clendon's guidance as well as strong routines and behavior support i have noticed a huge shift in my students reading skills. 

My students need to learn how to manage themselves as a prerequisite to becoming engaged in learning. They also need to be able to relate to others in order to participate in group work and social situations and of course participating and contributing is reliant on all of these. 
My inquiry will be focusing on improving these Key Competencies to see a shift in my students reading.


  1. Delighted to have you bring your expertise to the Manaiakalani Community of Learning Lauren. This inquiry will inform and support your colleagues who may have similar learners in their classes - particularly in the mainstream schools. Thanks so much for stepping up in this way.


    1. Thanks Dorothy, I am excited to have the opportunity to learn with and from others as well. There are some fantastic blogs i have been scrolling through.