Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Initial Reading Levels

My target group of students i am focusing on for my inquiry are at all different levels. They all have different challenges that i am going to focus on in order to progress their reading levels.

  • Toby : 8 year old boy currently reading at level 1/2 Magenta. Toby uses 1-2 keywords to communicate but does not have the vocabulary yet to answer questions. 
  • Evan : 8 year old boy with great vocabulary, reading is a strength of his but he gets frustrated with decoding words he doesn't know. Evan is currently reading at level 14 Green.
  • James : 10 year old boy who has been verbal for 5 years. Currently reading at level 2 Magenta, has good initial sound knowledge and uses picture cues when reading unfamiliar text to decode words. 
My boys struggle to focus for extended periods of time. Once they have read their book they want to move onto the next activity quickly so there are limited opportunities to complete activities on each book to further their comprehension of the text. My hunch is that if i focus on extending their 'on-task' behavior by strategies to manage themselves then they their reading levels will improve. Over the course of the term i will share the strategies i am using to increase their on task behavior. 

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