Friday, October 13, 2017

Where are my students at?

At the beginning of the term i outlined a list of mini-goals that i wanted to focus on for each individual in my inquiry (listed below from a previous blog post). 
  • James : attempt to sound out a word he doesn't know. I am going to try Elkonin boxes with him as seen on another colleagues blog
  • Evan : Attend 2x mainstream classes a week for reading. 
  • Toby : implement a programme suggested by my schools SLT to teach Toby comprehension. 

Here is how i have progressed with my inquiry. My students did not have "managing self" goals this term as their behavior in the class has stabilized and they are settled. 

James: I have not yet implemented Elkonin boxes as we focused on inflectional endings instead. Initially James was only reading the root word,  he can now read words with different endings.

Evan: Unfortunately the mainstream teacher left the school and Evan was unable to attend many sessions. I am approaching multiple teachers in the junior syndicate and we will work on integrating him to another classroom. Evan also started on a "making words" programme to assist with his spelling

Toby: Toby completes a reading comprehension programme daily after reading his book. He can now respond to familiar questions by pointing out objects from the book in response to "find one that looks like this". Previously he would repeat your question back rather than responding appropriately by following instructions.

Here are the reading level results from Term 3, i look forward to the final results at the end of the year. I will share my goals for next term in another blog post.  

Reading Level T2
Reading Level T 3
2 Magenta
Emergent red 2/3
17 Turquoise
18 Turquoise
4 red
5 red