Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Taking Risks with Reading

My inquiry this year is the link between the key competency of "Managing Self" and my students reading levels. One of my students that I am focusing on doesn't like to take risks with his reading. Instead of sounding words out he will ask me what the word is, even if he has the skills to decode the word on his own. I have built a good relationship with this student as he has been in my class for almost two years. A year ago he would never have tried this activity for the fear of getting it wrong. The importance of building strong relationships with our students is imperative to their success, especially with students who display more challenging behavior.


  1. This posts really sits with my as I believe it is so important to build relationships. My inquiry is on a similar focus of minimising anxiety and increasing learners wellbeing.

  2. I love this post - my inquiry is similar to yours, although with ESOL learners. Culturally, for some of them, getting things wrong is a huge deal and therefore they opt out of reading. Thank you for showing the importance of building relationships with the learners, it's a slow process but the results are worthwhile. Well done on all the success you've had thus far :)