Friday, June 2, 2017

Visuals and Assessment

One of my students is able to use key words to express himself and request items. He does not yet have the spoken language to be able to answer questions about the text during guided reading sessions.
To overcome this hurdle I am using a reading core board which is a board of core vocabulary from the text which they can use to answer questions. The visuals i have displayed on this board have both correct and incorrect answers. 
Usually my core-board's would contain colour coded prompts used in a programme called "Colourful Somantics" however i have taken them off this core-board for the function of a running record. 
Once the text has been read I will ask him questions about the story and he will point to the appropriate picture. I make sure that he has a core board for every guided reading book so that he is given the opportunity to answer questions about the story or comment on the book. 

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