Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Visual Checklists

A visual checklist provides the individual with ownership over their own learning and the ability for them to manage themselves. Those familiar with AFL (Assessment For Learning) will recognise the importance of allowing students the opportunity to participate in assessing their own learning. Students who use self assessment strategies become more independent and motivated learners.
bsolum, M. (2006). Clarity in the classroom. Auckland: Hodder Education.pp 98–117.

Whilst this is particularly challenging with students who have communication difficulties; a visual checklist will allow them to be able to participate and it is a good starting point.
My students use many different checklists throughout the day to identify what they have to do at each step and what to do next.
Students who are not yet able to read or associate meaning to written words will find a visual checklist particularly useful.
This is a photo of one of my students using a self assessment checklist to assess his writing.

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