Thursday, March 1, 2018

Letter of the Week

Like most classrooms, my class has a huge variety of learners with differing skill levels. It can be challenging to build individualised programmes to cater to their needs.

Here is how i have planned my alphabet and phonics programme to suit my students:

- introducing letter : what does it look like, feel like (tactile letters are great) and sound like. A Colleague of mine has made excellent smart board resources which she has kindly shared with me. I use them as an introduction to our letter of the week. They have to find the letter and when they press the letter a video will play.

- Sensory tubs :  finding the letter of the week letters in sand, rice etc and matching them on a alphabet board

- Magnetic letters :  finding the letter of the week

- Dot to dot letters (link to worksheets below): students can color the letters in stickers (excellent fine motor activity), bingo dabbers, fingerprints, crayons 

- letter sound sorts (link is below)

- Feely bag :  put objects that begin with that letter inside the bag and students can pull them out to find objects. 

- Alphabet books (link is below)

- Can you find ....? :  Have large printed letters on the floor or wall (I write the letters with chalk on the carpet or concrete), students to throw the mini bean bag at the letter of the week. 

- Cut and paste sound sorting activities (link is below)

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