Thursday, December 7, 2017

Make a deal ...

As the year winds down so does the structure of many classrooms. The classroom can often be louder and less predictable at the end of the year.
While i try my best to kept the class routine the same my students have begun to notice that the end of year is looming. One of my students has started to become anxious about school finishing and his behavior has escalated over the last two weeks. 
I have planned a class trip this week. To encourage good behavior for the week I have made a reward chart to work towards being allowed to go on the trip. 

Before setting up a reward system I ensure that i follow these guidelines:
- Be clear about what behavior you are trying to change
- Make it achievable and realistic (not too many stickers needed)
- Identify the prize ahead of time
- Be consistent with giving stickers
- Link the sticker with the desired behavior to encourage positive behavior
- Use as a reward NOT a bribe, do not threaten to remove stickers.

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